With: Nadja Kilchhofer & Romain Mader, María Bala, Viviane Morey, Yiss H. Heimer, Louisa Gagliardi, Marianne Chargois, Matthias Strogoff, Jochen Werner, Sasha Osipovich, Michel P.

Price: 5 CHF


As its name suggests POV paper is about perspective, about who watches who, and how. About the effects of that gaze, about the power issues involved in who (and what) is visible and who (and what) is, on the other hand, made invisible. It also poses questions such as to what extent can we decide what is arousing to us or not? What happens when you disagree with what turns you on? Are we responsible for our fantasies? Are we respon- sible for the fantasies we
create and put out into the world?

Discover Marianne Chargois’s whiplash analysis of the intermingling of sex, power, economic forces and technology in Sexe et Panoptique, le travail du sexe par webcam, María Bala (director of amazing girl-POV The Silent Guy)’s take on porn in Pornografía del Futuro, while Matthias Strogoff takes you on a strange and nostalgic journey inside the idiosyncratic meanders of sexual fantasies. Feel the tension in the obsession and worship a lover’s body with Yiss H. Heimer’s poetry, enjoy Louisa Gagliardi’s psychedelic peep-show, re ect on the limits of so-called univer- sality with Why Gender is still.

This issue offers an array of different voices, various approaches to thinking about how the interweaving of sex and perspective can create or inhibit agency. a Girl’s Thing, discover Michel’s book selection, Romain Mader and Nadia Kilchhofer’s crisscross photos and hear about Sasha Osipovich’s selection of sex-positive events near you. “smart” and “beautiful” might mean, we at POV paper hope that this our rst attempt in creating something smart and sexy will have you coming back for more.