With: Kay Garnellen, Gala Vanting, Sean Dunne, Louisa K, David Bloom, Ivan Ligne-Noire, Sarah de Vicomte, Claude-Hubert Tatot, Russell Sheaffer, Nicolaj Lange, Cie à Contre Poil du Sens, Mathias Clivaz, Fabienne Morales, Michel Pennec, Philippine Chaumont, Agathe Zaerpour, Samuel Nyholm

Price: 5 CHF


Reading POV is to give yourself the opportunity to question your relationship to sexualities and gender. If a being with XY chromosomes starts to wear clothes or accessories that are associated with XX, does that person become an XX individual? Or only once surgery has been involved ? Or maybe when it becomes official you are a Linda rather than a John ? What if your first name is Terry or Jesse? How are the feminine or the masculine constructed? How do we become men or women? How is gender imposed on us?

Reading POV is to ask yourself how to deal with grammar. In French, for example, flower is feminine but so is war. Peace is feminine but so is idiocy. Power is masculine but intelligence is feminine. Love is masculine in the singular and feminine in the plural. There is no German Mensch in the English or the French language. So are theses languages necessarily gender-marked?

Reading POV is also indulging in a moment to think about the intricate workings of desire, how does desire come about? How about the absence of desire? What is intimacy? What is our relationship to the intimate? Are these images, these stagings unsettling to me? Am I indifferent to them? Am I aroused by them? Is it hard for me to come to terms with what I am aroused by? Is there any difference between my sexual whims – that are like my craving a cream puff – and real sexual desire?

Through an array of texts, illustrations and photographs, POV 2 is an invitation to connect with ourselves and with others, regardless of their chromosomes.