With: Viviane Morey & Elorri Harriet, Jean-Vincent Simonet, Louis-Philippe Scoufaras, Nayansaku Mufwankolo & Tristan Savoy, Sinnes Dan, Sasha Osipovich, Michel P., Bjork Grue Lidin

Price: 5 CHF


POV paper is a paper. It’s not on the web. It has avatars of course, but POV exists only in paper form, and all of its content is exclusively printed on its pages before it exists anywhere else. There’s something sensual and singular about reading POV, feeling the thin, rough paper between your fingers, and the smell of the ink that lingers. This issue of POV invites you deeper into the realm of touching, sensing, feeling, and fetishizing.

The wonderful thing about sensation is how it inextricably intertwines knowledge with time and experience. It is a journey with no arrival, just a beginning and process. There are no experts, save of the self, and there can be no disdain or dogmatic judgement. It’s this hands-on approach that gives the ethnographer humility and respect for fellow humans. It’s a manifesto against objectivity, calling it out for the phallacy it is: an act of domination. POV gives voice and credence to the subjective, the experimental and the personal.

Like the hypnotizing back and forth of penetration swinging inside and out, come with us and cross the boundary again and again, and explore every detail of that experience. The boundary between the public and the private, the familiar and the unknown. Experience the limits of control, and letting go, of pride and of shame. It’s not about duality, but it is about fluidity. Bodily fluids, sifting through the porous barrier of skin and leather, pouring out uncontrollably, or naturally, breaking the law, or revealing the divine. Through the cold water of the bong, the warm endorphins of blood shed, or the rush of ejaculatory orgasm, altered states of mind offer numbness and then clarity. And so will POV number three, hopefully.