With: Louisa K., Viviane Morey, Sasha Osipovich, Linda Williams, Sadie Lune, C Flat, Cédric Raccio, Stéphanie Pahud, Jan Soldat, Rebecca Boguska, Maxim Maillet, Jacques Tantale, Eskar Loop, Michel P., Sarah Jane Moloney

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Here’s the narrative we’ve always took for granted about the history of sexuality: Guilt, shame and taboos are psychological tools used by the powerful to control sexuality, and therefore control people. So naturally we’ve built our resistance largely on the rejection of guilt, shame, and taboo. It’s no wonder marches to defend LGBT rights are called Pride marches. The whole concept of “the closet” is intimately tied into the idea that shame is the enemy.

So here we are, out and proud. And yet, it turns out guilt, shame, and taboos are still around and there’re playing roles in our lives that we didn’t expect. What if shame wasn’t the enemy after all? What if taboos were actually a necessary aspect of desire? Here we continue to question the borders — between pornography and cinema, academy and activism, centers and their margins — and we try to make a good use of the lesson of the Trojan horse : hiding in plain sight.

In this issue, Viviane Morey invites you to own your shames, Jacques Tantale gives you hints to understand them, Linda Williams encourages us to experiment more, Stéphanie Pahud tests the resistances of the feminist body in the public sphere, Jan Soldat shows us the shameless, Eskar Loop peels back your eyes, and finally the great Sadie Lune plays with her shame with photographer Cédric Raccio. I hope you like it, otherwise, shame on us!