The VR issue

« POV VR XXX », « A ROOM WITH 4 VIEWS », & « VR DIVE INTO THE SELF »: a three-part project by Maria Guta
Illustration by Gustavo Dao
Texts by Louisa K., Nina Lau, and more.
And a review of Émilie Jouvet by Dennis Vetter

Price: 5 CHF

What is it like to fuck when you’re immortal? — And — if you could choose with which body, where, with whom… What would you choose? Yes, just like that, out of the blue.

On one side, the transhumanists and the fantasy of eternal life. On the other, Virtual Reality and the fantasy of a sensory environment to be customised at will. But careful: no-one here on the editorial team of POV would ever use the word “fantasy” in a derogatory manner. We are too fond of taking our mirrors for a wander there, as well as our hands!

Incidentally: do we have to touch to see, to acquire a sense of space, identify volumes and textures with visual perceptions? — And — let’s imagine that technology allowed us to do away with death: would we still feel desire?

We deal in dreams, death and the senses. Our hobby horse, our totem and taboo, our Eve playing with her new tamagotchi in Steve Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights. You who are shuffling off this mortal coil, who are dreaming themselves immortal, here and now: we are into you.

Why? Because the expression “taking your time” can finally make sense! And because through imagination a thousand other aspects of our lives are transformed; aspects which we can heal, nourish, stimulate, by dressing up, by creating images. We stopped believing in Beauty and Goodness donkey’s years ago; we do not wish to direct the actions of fantasies from above, but rather exist on the same plane as theirs, vigilant and creative…

That is how “POV VR XXX” was born, a project by POV in collaboration with Maria Guta: by using virtual reality to slip into someone else’s skin, and calling into question our image of ourselves. Nina Lau’s piece on memes also fiddles with our relationship to identity and repetition; whereas Professor Postfreud invites us to travel between worlds, be they real or virtual, to find new types of bearings and dosage. An exploration of the filmic universe of Émilie Jouvet, a plunge into the passion of a porn collector: from one planet to another, searching for what kills us and makes us immortal.