POV7 - The Consent Issue

With: Gala Vanting, Daniel Hellmann, Charlotte Krieger, Gustavo Dao, Bjørk Grue Lidin, Viviane Morey, Florian Vörös, Alex Weiss & Root Sobiesky, Pincopallino Calzelunghe, Mathias Clivaz, Kathryn Bilverstone, Flor

Price: 5 CHF


The issue you are holding in your hands, the 7th, now has a soul (yours) that comes with its shells, its fluxes and its membranes. All of its compatible games.

This soul circulates within POV, goes from the words to the images, from the paper to the world out there, right here next to us. It talks about itself with others and as POV passes from hand to hand, this soul is touched by all those hands: here a hand that says stop or that clenches a fist, there a hand that is held open. What YESs are being said, what NOs, what MAYBEs? It tries to understand this, to feel it.

There are also NOs that do not come from this exchange, that are not intentional. Instagram for instance recently censured our images and shut down our account. Other NOs stem from omerta, from dominations that keep speech from circulating or threaten it. Some of the people that wrote for this issue prefer to remain anonymous, or to not write about the things that they have experienced, because doing so would put them at risk.

The Consent Issue. Maybe. But then it needs to be passed from hand to hand, to be told, to be acted, to be questioned. What does it mean to be feminist, anti-racist, anti-speciesist? “Being” is meaningless if nothing can be done.

The value of a maybe: what we may be. To never know before hand. Behind the door, maybe, maybe not. This is what it means to risk living with the cats.